Upcoming Show https://www.gatesvillecountrymusichalloffame.com/apps/photos/ Upcoming Show George Allison, August 16, 2019 George Allison, August 16, 2019 Singer songwriter, George Allison, has written well over 200 songs, starting in the late 1960's. His songs are about the blues, drinking, dancing, partying too much, and songs about love lost, as well as, many beautiful love songs and ballads. He wrote humorous songs and songs just about life. As with many song writers, his songs reflect his own experiences. Performing since 1977, George has performed as a single act, a duo, and a four-piece band. Over the years, George released several albums including: 1. "Barmaids And Barstools", 2. "Blind, Crippled And Crazy", 3. "It Ain't Easy Bein' Me", 4. "A Long Time Comin'", 5. "My Heart Is In The Shape Of Texas", 6. "Some Old Some New", 7. "Mine And Others", 8. and several live recorded CD's of dances where he played. George is an artist in that he likes to sing the songs with his own voice inflection, but at the same time, keeping true with the artist who made them popular. George has the unique ability to provide his audiences with a multitude of stars and sounds like each of them. From yodeling songs like Jimmy Rogers to moaning the blues like Hank Williams, melodic tones of Merle Haggard and ballads like the great George Jones. George possess a vocal range of almost three octaves which allows him to sing a variety of songs, such as Cattle Call, and his comic rendition of Kenny Rogers' song, Lucille, by substituting Dean Martin, Ray Charles, and Tiny Tim voices instead of Kenny Rogers. George played almost every venue, from street corners to shows with Freddy Fender in Morcambe, England. George appeared on programs with Ricky Skaggs, Pirates of The Mississippi, Steve Warner, Mark Collie, Del Reeves, and Carl Perkins. George has made numerous trips to Scotland and Northern Ireland to entertain audiences. Venturing into Bluegrass, he performed at the Pearl Bluegrass Jam in Pearl, TX. He has become a favorite performer at Pearl. https://www.gatesvillecountrymusichalloffame.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=205851483 205851483