Upcoming Show https://www.gatesvillecountrymusichalloffame.com/apps/photos/ Upcoming Show Ferguson Family, June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019, Jim and Deanna began singing together since before they were married. They got to know each other initially while singing in a choral group. They have always enjoyed singing a-Capella together. As the years passed and the family grew, the children started playing various instruments and adding them to their music. In 2011, God gave them an opportunity to share their music and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in various states across the US. Then they settled in Texas. Since that time, they have shared their music in Oregon, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. They have performed for family camps and conferences, church functions, nursing homes, Fairs, Sunday morning services, and Stringtown Good Ol' Days in Oklahoma. You may even see them singing in out-of-the way places like flea markets! They go wherever God leads! They are especially known for their close family harmony and good old fashioned hymns. Jim (Dad) plays the piano and violin and sings baritone. He also made or rebuilt many of the stringed instruments that the family plays. Deanna (Mom) plays the cello and is lead soprano. Anna, 23, plays the violin and sings alto. Benjamin, 21, plays the piano, guitar, banjo, and sings tenor. Esther, 19, plays the violin and sings soprano. Julia,19, plays the piano, cello, and sings soprano. Timothy, 18, plays the upright bass, trumpet, and sings bass. Joseph, 15, plays the ukulele, trombone, and sings tenor. Samuel, 12, plays the clarinet, mandolin, and is shifting from soprano to baritone. "Our goal is to share the Gospel and encourage the Saints in their walk with the Lord." https://www.gatesvillecountrymusichalloffame.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=205736643 205736643